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EPA Green Power

EI Communities

Energy Independent Communities is a voluntary agreement between the State of Wisconsin and communities that adopt the State's 25x25 goals. Currently, there are more than 140 EI Communities in the State of Wisconsin.  Most are partners, and have passed the 25x25 resolution.  Other communities are working toward passing the 25x25 resolution.  



Energy On Wisconsin

Face to Face Meetings:



Visit  us at our new web portal http://energyonwi.uwex.edu where you can find information about funding opportunities, meeting notes, registration, and agendas.  This site also features a forum where all Energy Independent Communities can share information about projects, post videos, pictures and questions.


Overview: Energy On Wisconsin, a collaboration of the State Energy Office and UW-Extension, is hosting quarterly gatherings of Energy Independent Communities (EIC) and other municipalities and school districts interested in sustainable energy programming. The sessions are designed to promote networking and learning from each other. Each of the gatherings will include a case study of the host area energy and sustainability programs and projects, sharing between attendees, information/training about the topic session, funding opportunities and strategies for that topic, and a tour, event or both.  Meetings will be held in different regions around the state to promote participation.


Costs for the facility, food and beverages will be provided; attendees are responsible to cover mileage. Carpooling is highly recommended and we will provide a contact list to help facilitate that. For those who arenít able to attend, notes and photos will be posted. Pre-registration will be set up before each session for meal count and to find car share matches.


EI Planning Reports
During 2009 and 2010 there were 21 awardees representing almost 50 counties, cities, village, towns and first nation tribes that participated in the Energy Independence Planning process.  This group collected energy data from buildings, infrastructure and fleet vehicles to create a baseline to make future energy decisions.  Next, each one of the Energy Independence Teams worked with their county board, city council, village board, town chairs, and tribal leaders to select the initiatives, policies and projects that would give their community the best Return On Investment (ROI).  Once each community selected their initiatives, policies and projects, a pathway was created to implementation.  These items will be worked on in each community for the next fourteen years, until 2025. 

Thank you to all of the community leaders and staff that worked very hard to complete this important project.

2010 Reports
EI Communities Tool -- created by the Energy Center of Wisconsin this tool is designed to assist a community in assessing its current energy usage and developing a plan to have renewable energy count for 25% of its projected energy consumption

2010 Final Report -- Energy Center of Wisconsin
2010 Final Report -- Local Government Institute
Chippewa Valley Partnership

E3 Coalition & SWDRC
Green Lake

Lac du Flambeau


Polk County


Waukesha County


2009 Reports
2009 Final Report -- Energy Center of Wisconsin
2009 Final Report -- Local Government Institute
Brown County
Chequamegon Bay Region
Fairfield, Town of
Platteville and Lancaster
Spring Green

For more information about the reports please contact the State Energy Office or Seventhwave (formerly known as the Energy Center of Wisconsin)

For More Information
If your community is interested in joining the Wisconsin Energy Independent Communities Partnership, view the links at the top of the page and contact Megan Levy, Director of Local Energy Programs at (608) 266-5054 or Megan.Levy@wisconsin.gov.


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