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Ethanol is a liquid fuel that is produced by the fermentation of plant sugars. In Wisconsin, ethanol is primarily produced from corn. Currently, one bushel of field corn will yield approximately 2.7 gallons of fuel ethanol. The State Energy Office is also exploring the production of biofuels from other cellulosic feedstocks, such as corn stover, grasses, and wood waste.


Badger State Ethanol In 2000, Wisconsin had no ethanol production. The first large scale ethanol facility began producing in 2001. Wisconsin's annual ethanol production capacity has reached 470 million gallons, making it the 9th largest ethanol producing state in the nation. Click link below for a current list of ethanol production facilities in the state.

Wisconsin Ethanol Facilities - operating, under construction and proposed.

The State Energy Office recommends those seriously evaluating the construction and development of an ethanol facility (from small scale to large scale) to review the Wisconsin Guide to Building Biofuels Facilities

Ethanol is primarily used in blends of E10 (10% ethanol, 90% conventional unleaded) and E85 (85% ethanol and 15% conventional unleaded). These are used in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVS).  Some stations also offer mid-level blends such as E25 or E30 for use in FFVs.  Click here to find the nearest E85 station to you.

The Wisconsin BioFuels Association supports Wisconsin's renewable fuels industry, and our producer partners, and promotes the acceptance and use of ethanol and co-products in Wisconsin and beyond.

The Renewable Fuels Association is the national trade association for the U.S. ethanol industry promoting policies, regulations and research and development initiatives that will lead to the increased production and use of fuel ethanol.

The Governors' Biofuels Coalition is a group of US governors and international members working with the goal to increase the use of biobased fuels, to decrease the nation's dependence on imported energy resources, improve the environment and stimulate the national economy.

Growth Energy serves as the nationís primary advocacy group promoting the use of mid-level blends of ethanol as a form of alternative transportation fuel.

The American Lung Association works to support and promote the benefits of clean air fuels.


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